5. Miracle Tree: Water Purification

Well, I am currently in the Mwanza airport waiting to board our flight back to the States. I’m excited to be going home, but I will miss the culture, new friends, and glass bottled Cokes. I will take home many things, but one that stands out is the incredible variety of plant-life and their many uses.

Yesterday I tried a water purification experiment using dried Moringa seeds. The Moringa tree, also known as the “Miracle” tree, has literally hundreds of uses for its leaves, seeds, pods, and bark: but the one I was interested in was its ability to purify water. Below are the dramatic results of a simple experiment I ran.

Picking dried Moringa pods.

Extracting the seeds.


Pulverizing the seeds into a powder.


Adding some clean water to create a solution.


Removing excess particles.


Our dirty water and the solution.




After 1 hour.


Needless to say, I was amazed. The solution acts as a coagulant and the suspended particles in the dirty water begin to stick to each other and settle out. Afterwards, clean water is easily scooped off the top or siphoned out. The solution was stirred in for 5 minutes and allowed to sit for an hour. Did I drink it? I wasn’t that adventurous, but I was told it was perfectly safe. Go nature.

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