14. Symposium 2015 (So Far)

When your SWAG bag has a steam pitcher, there are at least six different coffee experiences setup, raw coffee cherries from California coffee growers, and 400 coffee professionals from all walks of life in one building—you know you’re in the right place. So far this morning, we’ve heard about creating value in the entire coffee chain and that the coffee consuming community can change the lives of millions of coffee farmers throughout the world. Personally, in just a few hours I have already caught the incredible energy present here in Seattle and it is empowering to realize that we can change the face of coffee together, from bean to cup.

Also, Mr. Michael Sheridan shared that there is NO statistically significant difference between Catura and Castillo coffee varietals when it came to cup quality. Mind blown.

This morning I met the blogger whose writing pushed me towards my current research path. He covered water in the coffee lands extensively and the issues presented there. I’ve written about this a little bit, but not nearly to the extent I would like to. I walked up and said, “Hi Michael, I’m Will Garde at the University of Cincinnati.” To which he replied, “Oh yes, you have that blog on water!” I cannot tell you how exciting that is. I cannot wait to hear this afternnon’s discussion on water and how the coffee community can be more aware of this resource and how to integrate sustainable practices into the water realm. Well, coffee break is over! Stay tuned for more Symposium news!

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