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With some help from my wife and brother, I founded Alloy Coffee. Alloy Coffee existed to develop, fund, and implement projects that bring about sustainable change. We partnered with Mavuno Village to expand their impact in their community. This company was the vehicle to funding Project: Kijani listed below. We used coffee as the medium to accomplish this vision because specialty coffee has become the universal language of social enterprise and community development.

The model of the company was to roast a single coffee that funded a particular project. The coffee was sold through an online sales platform and shipped all over the USA. Overall, Alloy Coffee raised $5,500 for Mavuno Village in 8 months. Unfortunately, my wife and I needed to move away from Cincinnati where the roaster was located and Alloy was closed down, but the project was successful overall and may surface again in the future.

Project: Kijani (the Swahili word for green) is a key step in the sustainable future of Mavuno Village, one of our partners. Mavuno Village is a family style, agriculturally minded center for orphaned and vulnerable children. Although located on the shores of Lake Victoria, near the equator, high quality vegetables are difficult to grow due to intense daytime sunlight and cool night temperatures. Therefore, construction of a greenhouse would allow the orphanage to grow high-quality produce and sell their product in local markets at a premium price due to limited availability of quality goods. In addition to supporting Mavuno Village’s economic future, this project will provide an opportunity to teach onsite orphans how to improve crop quality and yield using a green house.

ProGreenhouse2ject Details:
Place: Mwanza, Tanzania
Size: ¼ Acre Greenhouse
Goal: $5,000
Money Raised: $5,500
Groundbreaking: 2017